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We believe that music should be available for everyone.

We come from a humble background and it was with scholarships that Marta and I were able to study each on her field.

As much as we would love to offer cheaper prices for everyone, that is unfortunately not possible if we want to keep things running... but that does not mean people with less resources shouldn’t be able to learn piano.

On the other hand, we not only train pianists, we also train teachers.

This is why we have worked to create a solution to help households with lower budgets and also help our long term students start their piano teaching careers the right way.

We have created a new trainee program with benefits for everyone:

  • For students and households: Lessons at a cheaper price, with our high-quality standards, curriculum and benefits.
  • For trainees: They will be closely followed and trained by our Head Teacher Marta, learning from her experience and helping them avoid the mistakes she (and many other teachers) had to learn from on their own.

It’s a win-win!

The first of our trainees is Ayushi.

Ayushi is one of our long term students, having studied with Marta for 8 years and preparing right now for her Grade 8 exam.

She has learned with our innovative methods, is a fantastic student and is evolving every day into a great pianist, thanks to our very well rounded music education.

She is studying now her third year in Astrophysics (wow!), and she wants to keep developing as a musician and start her first steps in teaching.



30 minutes weekly - £85/month* (incl. VAT)

45 minutes weekly - £125/month (incl. VAT)

60 minutes weekly - £155/month (incl. VAT)

Monthly Prices Include

Books and materials.
1 individual lesson/week (school term dates).
Full studio concerts (3/year).
Regular reports.
Private meetings with Head Teacher.
Participation in festivals. (registration fees not included)
Presentation to exams. (registration fees not included)
Graduation concerts. (fees apply)

*Available only for new students.

*Slots available only Saturdays from 3:30 pm.

*Available only for beginners level (kids and adults).

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