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Online Piano Lessons also available. Choose between mix at school/online or only online lessons. Now enrolling!


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  • A seriously planned and researched curriculum, delivered in a very fun way!
  • Very detailed and planned homework.
  • Parent support through head teacher's meetings and monthly newsletters.
  • Regular reports to keep families informed of progress.
  • Students of the month and practice/musical challenges to keep students motivated and engaged.
  • Performance and socialising opportunities. Through workshops, meet ups and concerts. Concerts and group activities run online when social distancing restrictions apply.
  • Innovative teaching style prioritizing:
    • Sound, experience and understanding before theoretical explanation, based on the research of the Music Learning Theory
    • Creativity and exploration to enhance deep understanding of all musical elements.

Our methods are different and so is our pricing!

- Flat Monthly rate (September to July). It's easier on your budget!
- Books and materials included in the price. We take care of everything!
- Payment by Direct Debit. Fill out a DD Mandate and we take care of the rest.

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30 minutes weekly - £109/month* (incl. VAT)

45 minutes weekly - £165/month (incl. VAT)

60 minutes weekly - £205/month (incl. VAT)

*30 minutes available only for Early Beginners and Keyboard Exploration



45 minutes weekly - £175/month (incl. VAT)

60 minutes weekly - £215/month (incl. VAT)

Out of your budget?

Check out our Trainee Program!

BASIC programs include

  • Books and materials.
  • 1 individual lesson/week (school term dates).
  • Full studio concerts (3/year).
  • Regular reports.
  • Private meetings with Head Teacher.
  • Newsletters.
  • Participation in festivals. (registration fees not included)
  • Presentation to exams. (registration fees not included)
  • Graduation concerts. (fees apply)
  • VAT

PREMIUM programs include

  • Everything from the BASIC programs.
  • Piano Meetups per age group (Pre-Teens, Teens and Adults).

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